Chicamacomico Wins the Prize

Dinah Beveridge – Site Manager, Mary Ann Cohen – Board Member, Ralph Buxton – Past Treasurer, Larry Grubbs – President, John Griffin – Past President

Each Year the Outer Banks Community Foundation sponsors a Video Contest with the general theme of “How the Community Foundation has helped us”. Using source material from a variety of video recordings done over the past year, our super volunteer Josh Nonnenmocher edited the material into a 3-minute video of Chicamacomico’s Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Mirlo Rescue. Board President John Griffin wrote a narrative and, after experimenting with a couple of versions (Josh & Board Member/Drill Surfman Ryan Gentry) of the voice-over, we submitted the final product.

On February 12 at OBCF’s Annual Meeting/Luncheon the tension (at least at our table) was palpable as the 3rd place video, then the 2nd place video, and finally (take a breath!) our video was shown to the assembled crowd.

First place netted CHA a $2000.00 prize. Check out our video below.