Your Endowment Gift for The Chicamacomico Historical Association

Thank you for considering a gift to benefit the Chicamacomico Historical Association Endowment Fund. Gifts to our endowment fund are forever gifts that will help the people of the Outer Banks for generations to come.

Our endowment is professionally managed by the Outer Banks Community Foundation, which holds over 175 endowments for donors, businesses, and nonprofits like ours. The Community Foundation accepts gifts to our fund, prudently invests our fund, and provides us with sustainable, reliable annual income through fund earnings. As our endowment fund grows, so, too, can we grow and better meet our mission!

If you would like make an outright contribution today, please visit:

Then select “other fund,” and choose the Chicamacomico Historical Association Endowment Fund.


Mail a check made out to: Outer Banks Community Foundation

Please write Chicamacomico Historical Association Endowment Fund in the memo line.

  • Send it to:
    Outer Banks Community Foundation
    13 Skyline Road
    Southern Shores, NC 27949

If you would like to make a Bequest Gift in a Will or Trust

You can make a legacy gift for the Chicamacomico Historical Association Endowment Fund by including the following bequest language in your will or trust. It is very important to use this specific wording. Please share this information with your attorney or other advisor:

“I give and bequeath

[Description of Asset] to the Chicamacomico Historical Association Endowment Fund , held by the Outer Banks Community Foundation, federal tax ID number 58-1516313.”

Note: Description of Asset may be “the residue of my estate,” a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the remainder of the estate, or other property (e.g., stock, real estate).

If you – or your advisors – have any questions regarding specific bequest language for the Chicamacomico Historical association Endowment Fund, please contact our endowment partner:

Outer Banks Community Foundation
Lorelei Costa, Executive Director
252-261-8839 or

Other Ways to Make an Endowment Gift to Chicamacomico Historic Association

The Community Foundation can accept many different types of gifts for our endowment, including real estate assets, stock gifts, retirement plan assets, life insurance policies, and IRA rollover gifts. The Community Foundation can also facilitate charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts to benefit our endowment. Many of these strategies can provide significant tax advantages, including income tax deductions, capital gains tax avoidance, estate tax avoidance, etc.

Start your own endowment! Although we happily accept donations to our existing endowment, you may choose to establish and name your own legacy fund to benefit our organization. This is a wonderful way to honor a family member, remember a loved one, or create your family legacy. You can work with the Community Foundation to earmark your endowment for Chicamacomico Historical association.

For more information about these types of gifts, including possible tax advantages, or to learn more about establishing your own legacy fund, please contact Lorelei Costa at the Outer Banks Community Foundation at 252-261-8839 or