Date: December 2, 2017
Attendees: John Griffin, Ralph Buxton, Larry Grubbs, Sandy Sanderson, Dinah Beveridge, Ryan Gentry, Amy Etherington, & Richard Shaw

Welcome/Introductions (John)

Grants/Capital Projects/Finances (Ralph)
Total cash: $30,100.86 unrestricted, $42,173.45 (restricted)
(Restricted funds are limited to a specific use either by benefactors, foundations, or the Board)

Gift shop sales are up 5.08% (through 10/31), but museum admission/tours is down 11.35% mainly due to power outage in August, as well as flooding around the 1874 Station.

Operating expenses are good.

CHA operating reserves are adequate, and the annual membership/donation drive starts next week—this will help rebuild cash reserves. We’ve increased and focused our membership/donation mailing (from 8000 last year to12,500 this year. The Ask Letter was also discussed. One letter, with cooperation from HI Property Managers, invites rental owners to purchase a season pass for their guests. The other, addressed to members, HI property owners, Dare Co resident property owners, and business owners invites memberships/donations at specified levels.

Ralph emphasized that work required for grant requests are sometimes rewarded and sometimes not.

  • CHA received a donation of $20,000 from the Gaddy Foundation this year for the 1874 Station. The contractor (Coastal Roofing and Siding) was delayed by hidden damage, rainy conditions, and then lack of supplies (shingles—a special order item). This project should be done next week. Total project cost is ~$28,000 with extra cost of repair. The balance due of $8,000, after the Gaddy gift, will come from insurance proceeds from Hurricane Matthew which, in turn, will limit funds for the 1911 roofing project listed below.
  • CHA has been planning to re-roof and siding the 1911 Station for a long time. This project was started in 2015 with the East and West sides funded by $20,000 by the OBCF. CHA was denied grants in two rounds of the National Maritime Heritage Grant Program. This year, CHA has been awarded $25,000 from OBCF and $12,500 from Marion Stedman Covington Foundation. CHA also has a balance of $11,240 reserved from Hurricane Matthew insurance proceeds. Recently CHA sought bids and anticipate negotiating with Albaugh Construction for the work. CHA has applied to the Dare County Tourism Board for additional funds for this project—we want to start the work in January to finish by April.
  • CHA applied to Meekins Foundation for a public restrooms project but was denied for this year. The estimate for this project is $73,625.45. CHA has applied to DCTB for funds. The possibility of upgrading to nicer restroom facilities (nicer port-o-jons) was discussed.
  • CHA has received an estimate for parking lot improvements with a stone surface similar to the Community Center across the street from the CHA site. The cost is estimated at $44,430.00. CHA as applied to DCTB for funds.
  • The total of the 1911 re-roofing, restroom, and parking lot projects is $201,394.45. CHA has requested a grant of $139,904 from the DCTB—the projects have been prioritized in the order presented. CHA anticipates notice on December 21st. If awarded, CHA will likely need to get a line of credit from First National Bank and will need the Board’s approval for this action.
  • The executive committee will make the final decisions on these projects and financing after CHA gets notice from DCTB on funds available. The board’s concurrence was sought at the meeting today—what direction are we headed?

Consensus was reached with reference to the priority of projects listed.

Parking lot: It was discussed that the parking lot needs more direction. When busses drive in with tour groups, there is confusion on where the bus should drive and where cars should park. Asphalt was proposed, but it looks less natural and wouldn’t fit in with the historical aspect of the site. Asphalt is also less porous and would create more runoff.

Engineering (Sandy)
The goal this year was to try to improve the appearance of the museum through painting, replacing, renewing. The perimeter posts still need to be replaced and the flag poles are still being worked on. The parking lot will hopefully be completed in March or April. There are enough bricks for the chimney at the Midgett House to make the chimney look acceptable: it needn’t be functional.

Drill (Larry)
Larry explained that there is a core group of local men who have agreed to participate in the drill reenactment every Thursday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but a couple more volunteers need to be recruited. The lyle gun is still being worked on. The carriage will be a replica for the upcoming years (no longer the actual one). There are 16-17 drills scheduled for the 2018 season. The drill volunteers want to take responsibility for keeping the 1874 building presentable. Larry reminded us that August 12th is the Priscilla rescue (Rasmus Midgett) and a Sunday drill would be a good way to kick things off that week. Additionally there will be a large RV tour April 29th through March 6th at Camp Hatteras: the Beach Apparatus Drill would undoubtedly draw a large crowd that week.

Site Operations (Dinah)
Dinah discussed bus tours in the spring gives CHA a money boost, and that CHA has sold down on items that did not have any relevance in the Life Saving Service. Dinah is pleased with using Outer Banks Tees as CHA’s main t-shirt vender (since we don’t have to order as many at one time). Books will be ordered in the spring and CHA will be going through Buxton Village Books (Gee Gee) so as to obtain better terms.

Mirlo Centennial (Carl)
Carl was not able to attend the meeting but sent a report summarized below:
He has been in contact with CGAS Elizabeth City to arrange a flyover for the ceremony. The 5th Coast Guard District in Portsmouth has been contacted to request a flag officer (admiral) to speak at the ceremony. He explained that there will a major shuffling of the admirals next June, so there is no name yet. The 5th District public affairs branch is aware of the event.

He also explained that the new Coast Guard National Museum in New London has been contacted and they will be building a website with information on all Coast Guard related museums around the country (of course, CHA will be included).

Carl has also contacted the elusive Coast Guard Band and asked for a cost estimate for an appearance. This is pending. He also explained there is also a volunteer Coast Guard Pipe Band and will see if they are available. Other band options are Hatteras High and local military bands from the Hampton Roads area.

National Park Service will be sending a restoration specialist team this spring to do work on the 1046 surfboat. We will attempt to arrange for low cost/no cost housing for the crew of 3.

Mirlo graphic identity (logo) was presented by Ralph. We will use it on all publications dealing with the event. We thank the Visitor’s Bureau for their excellent design work. We will want to get this out on our website and social media.

Tentative schedules:

Mirlo Commemoration Week
Friday 8/3: Soft Launch of Shake Show at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery (Shakes will be $100)
Monday 8/13: Opening Reception, Shake Show DCAC Gallery
Tuesday 8/14: Descendants place Mirlo artifacts on display at Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum (Reception to follow)
Wednesday 8/15: Descendants (Chicamacomico and Mirlo) Dinner Venue (TBD)
Thursday 8/16: Ceremonies at Chicamacomico LSS: Keynote speaker, Beach Apparatus Drill at 2 pm, Laying of Wreath at 4 pm, showing of Allan Smith film of JAM Jr, and evening USCG Band concert.
Friday 8/17: Arts & Crafts show at RWS Community Building

USLSSHA Annual Meeting
Wednesday 10/10: Afternoon USLSSHA Board Meeting, 10-15 members
Thursday 10/11: Morning speakers, afternoon Wright Brothers tour
Friday 10/12: Tour Hatteras Island: Oregon Inlet, Chicamacomico LSS (including Beach Apparatus Drill), Little Kinnakeet LSS, Hatteras Light, Fish House (which could be Hatteras Island (Friday) or Wanchese (Saturday), Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
Saturday 10/13: Tour Manteo: Pea Island Cookhouse, John Allen Midgette, Jr &Prochorus O’Neal Graves (Grave Marker Ceremony at graves), Roanoke Island Festival Park/Outer Banks History Center, Fort Raleigh, Fish House, and annual dinner at Black Pelican.

Later Today
HGTV: Beach House Bargain Hunters is working with the purchase of a house in Salvo. Director of this episode wants to film the “househunters” touring the Chicamacomico life Saving Station and use it to depict “things to do in Salvo.”

2018 Board Appointments/Officers (John)
Reappoint Proposals:
Mike – 1-year term (exp 2018)
Justin – 3-year term (exp 2020)
Jonna – 3-year term (exp 2020)
Sandy – 2-year term (exp 2019)
Extend: Larry to 2020 and Carl to 2020
Appointment Proposals:
Amy – 2-year term (exp 2019, Secretary)
Rob – 2-year term (exp, 2019, Historian)
Gee Gee – 2-year term (exp 2019)
Ryan – 1-year term (exp 2018)
Juanita – 1-year term (exp 2018, Researcher)
John – President
Larry – Vice President
Ralph – Treasurer
Amy – Secretary
Mary Ann – Assistant Secretary

The Board confirmed by acclimation all reappointments, appointments, and nominations.