In the morning of March 3, 1883, a small shad-boat named the Allie capsized due to strong winds about five miles north of the Oregon Inlet Life-Saving Station throwing two men into the rough waters. Nearby, two surfmen had begun their own journey to Manteo for station provisions but had turned back due to the weather conditions. They had previously spotted the shad-boat and noticed she seemed to be having difficulty, so they had kept watch and saw her go over. Immediately they headed towards her and though it was difficult, they were finally able to come along side the foundering vessel. They pulled the two men clinging to the wreck into their boat and brought them to the station where they remained until the following day. The morning after the incident, Keeper Marcus L. Midgett led the crew out to the capsized boat where they righted and bailed her, bent her sails, and sent the two-man crew along their way towards Roanoke Island.

All in a Day’s Work

Sometimes is just being reliable in a time of need: In late 1884, the Little Kinnakeet Life-Saving Station surfmen helped recover the Adamant after she broke her cable during a storm. Nearly a year later, on September 4, 1885, her captain reached out to the station for help once again. This time, the crew assisted him with hauling the schooner out to the beach and put her up on blocks for repairs. After the repairs were completed, the crew returned to the beach to assist in launching the vessel.