Between Tides book coverIt’s not often that we have a book signing event at Chicamacomico, but it’s not often that we find a new novel featuring Life Saving Stations on both Cape Cod and Hatteras Island. Between Tides weaves a tale of a mysterious Station Keeper who leaves a family on Cape Cod to start a new one on Hatteras Island. Narrated retrospectively by the women impacted by his actions, the story melds a fictional recounting of the Mirlo, the Newman, and the Priscilla Rescues, with the slow reveal of how this man’s life reverberated on 2 desolate seaside communities.

Plan to come by on August 19th to see the drill (2PM) and to meet and chat with author Angel Khoury. Except for the reenactment program, Angel will be available on the porch at the station from 1PM-4PM. More information about the book is available at .